Helping You

Hi there, you're most likely here because you want to meet, I think I can help, or a mutual friend wants us to chat for professional reasons. Sweet!

Some brief topics where I may be able to help:

  • All things software engineering, from MVPs to scaling to millions of users.
  • Scaling organizations. Processes, remote-first, building leaders, managing teams.
  • Hiring and recruiting. Attracting good candidates, deciding what you need, filtering candidates, selling your company.
  • Pitching to investors. Decks, memos, business plans, etc.
  • Health tech. Regulations, HIPAA, etc.
  • Mathematical modeling, machine learning, etc.

I'm currently on a career sabbatical, so both have a lot of time, and am being pretty intentional about where it goes. One exception: if you need help negotiating a job offer (on either side, as a candidate or company), I'd love to help and will make time. Here are possible engagements:

  • Sales for Levels or "seeing how we can help". No current capacity. If there's very strong alignment, I can introduce you to the right person, but have low expectations here.
  • Meeting to provide pointed help on specific problems or issues you currently have, guidance, feedback. Some capacity, but please see the note below about meeting requests.
  • Medium term coaching, consulting, part time CTO, etc. Potentially able to help depending on needs, especially if I can provide high leverage with my time. Please send an email with specific context.
  • Mixed social/professional meeting and networking as a serendipity machine. Some capacity, feel free to reach out.

Request for meeting

If you're reaching out because you want to meet for help with your company or product, please provide context up front with any specific questions, context, or requests. I may be able to help most effectively asynchronously without a meeting much faster. And regardless, if we do meet, we'll both be able to save time sharing baseline context. Loom is a great tool if you want to show anything or want high-bandwidth async communication.

If these match your needs, please email me and we'll go from there: [email protected].

Stay connected

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