In February 2023, I am beginning a sabbatical away from work. Nearly four years ago, along with a few other wonderful people, I co-founded Levels, a startup that helps people improve their metabolic health. During that time, I led our engineering team. Levels is doing wonderfully, and I'm deeply grateful for my time working with such intelligent and driven people on a meaningful mission.

I'm not sure what's next for me, but this will be my first longer-than-a-week break in my career, and I'm looking forward to the quiet. My goal is to use this period to reflect on what I want next, do a lot of meditation, and spend time outdoors.

Things I'm excited to do:

  1. Make beautiful pottery, pushing myself technically
  2. Long hikes and rides in the Colorado wilderness
  3. Reading from the ~50 books on my backlog
  4. Watch Awakening from the Meaning Crisis again, and develop a matching ecology of meaning-making practices

With some intermittent time offline, if you'd like to meet or catch up, please reach out.

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