Let's meet

I love meeting others who share some of the eclectic interests I have, and am so grateful that the internet has facilitated connecting me with so many wonderful people. If you've enjoyed what I've written or would like to chat more, I'd love to meet — I block off time each week to make it happen. Email me with a little bit about yourself, and I'll reply with a link to grab time as I'm available: [email protected].

If you will be near Durango, Colorado, I very likely would love to meet in person. If we're already friends or previously worked together, you have a very open offer to stay with me if you ever want to explore western Colorado. Email me for details, it's a whole thing (I've hosted over 50 guests since moving here).

Note: this is nearly exclusively for personal enjoyment, so if you'd like to chat about coaching, consulting, or help with your company, please go here.

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