Once I got the gist of Godlin’s point, I struggled to get through this. Though, it’s good. If, like me, you already see the value in avoiding “cog-based” work, there’s not a whole lot that is novel. If you’ve optimized your skills towards being very good, but likely replaceable, you may learn a lot. In fact, this book was recommended to me by someone who changed their work-life based on some principles here.

Critically, Seth under-estimates the coordination problem of having large companies full of linchpins. And, several of his examples of linchpin-driven companies—all of which are massively successful—I happen to know are full of monotony, bureaucracy, and cog-work. So, at it’s worst, it’s a repetitive, motivational-blog-style treatise. At it’s best, it codifies important principles on succeeding in creative work.