Where are the inefficient markets?

Landing pads for everything you care about

The Hidden Flip

Folk knowledge

Proof of work

Playing with incentives

The Art of Accomplishment Master Class, reviewed

Top-down vs bottom-up people

Only goes up: where investment returns come from

How to make a successful wellness product

Supplements: more than you wanted to know

DIY Cold Plunge

Convergence Arguments

The worst, still good example


Monocausal explanations for everything bad

Value creation vs capture

A map of meditation practices

The Seeds of Creativity and AI

Finding effective practices

The Solution to Information Overload

Fixing Back Pain Permanently

The Other Swans That Define Us

Common Digital Infrastructure

The Ladder Theory of Meaning


Making the Internet Work for You: YouTube

“Woo” beliefs

Angel investing without investing

Append List System: How to stay on top of everything

Notes from Creating the Perfect Pitch Deck

Investment Thesis for 2020

Accreditation Laws are not Violating the American Dream

Break social media habits by removing the default feeds

Media Diet: More books, less news

Request for Product: a new Calendar experience

Coaching engineering managers for interviews

On Generalists

URL rewriting with fly.io

Investment Thesis for 2019

Adventures in Security and Hacking

Essential Slick review

Slack Hide Typing

Moving fast and staying secure

Gambler's Verity?

Using Java Futures in Scala

Scalaz Task ↔ Scala Future

Caution when using Play's TemporaryFile

Scala Days 2015 Talks

Useful Scala Snippets

Dialogue above debate

Reactive Web Development with Play! on Java 8


Launching Kifi

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