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Never Finished: Unshackle Your Mind and Win the War Within

I've mentioned before that I have a soft spot for David Goggins. There's a part of me that resonates with the high-discipline, high-agency perspective he offers. This perspective has problems, as well: what he became is clearly a function of the abuse he's been through. But the raw power in what he offers is wonderful.

Never Finished is part two of his first book, Can't Hurt Me. The former finished fairly wrapped up, but since the success of that book, a lot has happened in David's life: major injuries, career changes, big races, and more.

It's an enjoyable and impactful read. Where Can't Hurt Me spent a lot of time focusing on tactics, Never Finished felt like it had more soul of David Goggins as a person. Overall, it's more of the same — it'll be a hit if you like him, and fall flat if his message doesn't resonate with you. Listen to an interview of him first to know which kind of person you are.


These are entirely subjective, and roughly try to capture my personal enjoyment and usefulness, and how likely I'd recommend it to others. Don't read too much into this unless you love my judgement. Rough guidelines:

A: Top quartile. Changed the way I think about something.

B: Worthwhile. I took away something useful.

C: Didn't hit, wouldn't directly recommend. Likely won't revisit.

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