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The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate―Discoveries from A Secret World

Peter Wohlleben is a ecologist and caretaker of German forests. This book is a beautiful exploration into trees — what is their role in our ecosystem, how do they work, etc. It's fascinating and changed how I see trees. It read much more like an ode to trees than a science book, though effectively sparks interest and joy in an area I hadn't thought much about before.


These are entirely subjective, and roughly try to capture my personal enjoyment and usefulness, and how likely I'd recommend it to others. Don't read too much into this unless you love my judgement. Rough guidelines:

A: Top quartile. Changed the way I think about something.

B: Worthwhile. I took away something useful.

C: Didn't hit, wouldn't directly recommend. Likely won't revisit.

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