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The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness

It feels weird to review a meditation book, because each set of techniques assumes a starting place (where the techniques are most helpful), and has a intended and desired outcome. As with many meditation guides, the outcome is a bit nebulous, but the guide and techniques are exceedingly clear. John Yates (also known as Culadasa) outlines a very specific meditation path, with very clear stages and explanations, based on breath-attending awareness and concentration.

The clarity and specificity is wonderful. The technique itself, and intended outcome, did not become my own meditation path, but I took several concepts from TMI that were useful. The book has helped many people, so if such a clear path is interesting to you, I'd recommend at least starting these practices.


These are entirely subjective, and roughly try to capture my personal enjoyment and usefulness, and how likely I'd recommend it to others. Don't read too much into this unless you love my judgement. Rough guidelines:

A: Top quartile. Changed the way I think about something.

B: Worthwhile. I took away something useful.

C: Didn't hit, wouldn't directly recommend. Likely won't revisit.

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