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The Power of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing

I've read a few books on Eugene T. Gendlin's Focusing self-therapy technique, and this one is my favorite. It's practical, simple, and effective if you're receptive to it. It's model is directly opposed to The Mind is Flat, which claims that there is no subconciousnes processing. Instead, with Focusing, you create open space and facilitate introspection into the unconscious through body sensation and intuitive guidance. In fact, in my opinion, it perfectly balances with The Mind is Flat, where you end up with two very different maps of the mind, both offering something useful.

The technique itself has been incredibly powerful for me. In fact, it's so simple that it can be explained in a couple paragraphs, and seems like it couldn't work. Yet, it does, at least for myself and several others I know. If you're willing to give this an earnest and open attempt, I recommend this approach.


These are entirely subjective, and roughly try to capture my personal enjoyment and usefulness, and how likely I'd recommend it to others. Don't read too much into this unless you love my judgement. Rough guidelines:

A: Top quartile. Changed the way I think about something.

B: Worthwhile. I took away something useful.

C: Didn't hit, wouldn't directly recommend. Likely won't revisit.

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